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Azan Clock with 1500 cities


Electronic Azan Clock with the Prayer Times of 1500 cities including prayer direction. Choose your town and it will calculate all the prayer times automatically for you and show it on the displayscreen.  It plays one of the prechosen call for prayers automatically when it is time to pray.

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Azan Clock with 2000 cities

Azan Clock

Electronic Azan clock with Prayer Times of 2000 cities in the world. 8 differeent muazin voices and with direction of Qibla included. Once you choose your city and the local current time, it will calculate all the prayer times in automation and will show it on the display.

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Electronic Quran Player Muslim Walkman

Muslim Walkman

A brand new gadget by Dar-us-Salam that allows one to listen to the Noble Quran and several other classes pre-programmed in to the removable cartridge. The lightweight audio player contains countless hours of recording as well as the power to add more!

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Digital Quran Recitor

Digital Quran Recitor

This groundbreaking cool product by Darussalam enables you to interactively listen to the Qur'an and focus its meanings. Apply it to memorize the Quran or correct your pronunciations by recording your very own voice and paying attention to it for the mistakes. Hear an Ayah then look at the related justification from Tafsir Jalalain in Arabic on the left side from the page.

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Digital Quran Player Pen Reader with Tajweed

Electronic Quran Player


Learning to read the Quran has become incredibly easy! This glorious new Quran pen reader is perfect for playing and learning the recitation of the Quran. There aren't any computers or devices required, and kids and adults can easily recite everywhere, anytime. Read more »

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